Strategic JDE Customer Self-Service – Catalog/Content, Usability, Smartphone Mobility & Credit Cards #JDE-103380

Wed. August 10| 1:10 PM - 2:10 PM | Plaza Court 1

REAL-TIME JDE INTEGRATION: Items, Customers, (Advanced) Pricing, Availability, Orders, Invoices, Status, Tax, Logistics, etc. CONTENT: “Rich” item information with a Dynamic Guided Filtered Product Navigation Catalog. Parametric / Intelligent Search with auto-predict, auto-complete & spellcheck. Integrate with JDE SRP Cat Codes, Marketing / Other Databases. Robust images, documents, videos etc. in an attractive, modern format. USABILITY / PERSONALIZATION: Robust and Intuitive - no user manual necessary. “Homepage" options like quick order, C.P.Q., Portal Inquiry, or Catalog Browsing. User / Group Personalization like branding, catalog, content and process flow. SMARTPHONE / MOBILITY NATIVE APP: Users are increasingly Younger (Millennials), Online, and MOBILE! Low Cost company branded (logo) on the Apple/Google Store with full JDE E-Commerce functionality with Credit Card / ACH for Sales Order & Invoice Collections. CREDIT CARDS: For Sales Orders & Invoice Collections

Type: Case Study

Track: Applicable to All , Supply Chain Management

Audience: Technical/Functional

Handout(s): Strategic Session 103380 - JDE Customer Self-Service - CatalogContent Usability Smartphone Mobility Credit Card.pdf

Product Lines: JD Edwards


Palaske, Doug K-Rise Systems, Inc.